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I am Folúkẹ́ Grace Akínyẹmí, a Yorùbá Language Instructor, also an On Air Personality on radio and television. I am a native of Ògùn State, Nigeria. I had my National Certificate in Education in English and Yorùbá languages at Mufutau ‘Lanihun College of Education (2010) then proceed to have my B.Ed Certificate in Teacher Education Arts (Yorùbá and English language), University of Ibadan (2014). At the moment, I am a Masters Degree Holder in Yorùbá Literature, University of Ibadan (2019).

Two Reasons why people should learn Yorùbá Language
1. Learning Yorùbá language will enable students to culturally use appropriate gestures in every day situation such as; greetings or introductions.
2.  Learning Yorùbá language will allow them recognize and develop an awareness of the diversity of social customs in Yorùbá speaking world culture. For instance, Yorùbá family life, folklore,

Time : 5:00PM GMT/1:00PM EST

Date: TBD

Where: Access details provided with confirmed paid registration



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