Benin Tech Company, Asuka Spirit World Tech on the Abibitumi (Black Power) Rise!

Benin Tech Company, Asuka Spirit World Tech on the Abibitumi (Black Power) Rise!

-by K. Jakande, June 23rd, 2022

AS (Asuka Spirit) World Tech, started by Richard Odjrado in 2021 is an 1 year old tech company based in Benin that is already taking the continent by storm with smart watches, smart glasses, and laptops. Having pre orders from Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda and other countries, this company is definitely on the rise and it is the Afrikan tech company to watch in 2022 and beyond.

With the company motto, “Let’s shine together,” Richard Odjrado is on a mission to empower Afrika and Afrikan people all over the world with a brand that emphasizes what Afrikans can do when we work hard and work together, having the Asuka (“brave, courageous, not stopping until the goal is accomplished”) Spirit.

Branding his company name in his native language of Fongbe is not the only smart move Odjrado has made thus far. His products include culturally conscious laptops with brand names like Shango 2, Ogun, and Orisha. The laptops have competitive specs and a variety of styles for gaming, business, and general use. 

Donxomɛ (Dahomey) smart glasses come in a variety of styles and colors, including decorative Afrikan print designs. These bluetooth glasses play music from your phone and can answer calls with the tap of your finger.

Likewise, the soon to be produced smart watch has the only existing, innovative phone finder technology on the planet to date.

While we know this Black owned tech business has major potential, AS World Tech is not just about technology for today but about building a legacy for generations to come. Standing on the shoulders of Afrikan innovators before him, Odjrado is advancing from a legacy of technology on the continent and beyond.

“The challenge is to keep the transmission going so the work can happen beyond myself,” said Odjrado, in his talk about the longevity of Black owned businesses, especially those in the tech world. 

Richard Odjrado, AS World Tech Store, June 2022.

This is one of the reasons why Ɔbenfo Obadele Kambon intends to partner in support of AS World Tech. He is the owner of the 16 years old major social media site and communiversity,, and knows the challenges of keeping a Black owned business going. 

“In the war for Black Liberation Asuka Spirit and Abibitumi are natural allies,” said Kambon when asked his thoughts about the collaboration. Embracing the concept of “Simbi simba,” holding up that which holds you up, it is an organic pairing of two brilliant companies that can be nothing more but a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

Kambon and Odjrado at AS World Tech Store, Benin, June 2022.

Created by Kambon in 2006,, meaning “Black power” in Twi (a major Afrikan language of Ghana), is an ever growing powerful brand that boasts of tens of thousands of members all over Afrika and the Afrikan diaspora who are interested in Tech made in Afrika, such as AS World Tech products.

In the last 16 years the Abibitumi brand has not only able to survive but thrive as the top Black social media site, as it is undergoing the final stages of its transformation from being solely a digital platform to a physical headquarters in Ghana. It started off providing mainly live online Afrikan language classes in its early years, to expand to courses, workshops, discussions, with extensions such as, and its soon revamped Abibitumi App. to Celebrate 16th year anniversary, July 17, 2022.

With Abibitumi honing its own “Asuka Spirit,” and Asuka Spirit World Tech quickly amassing “Abibitumi” (Black power), there’s no telling what this collaboration between the two businesses will bring. But whatever the outcome, we look forward to major developments for both powerhouses.

Ɔbenfo Obadele Kambon checking out the specs.

Will we find AS World Tech products at the Abibitumi Store in the near future? We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime you can find out more information about the products on their website:  

Likewise, check out as it celebrates its upcoming 16th year anniversary online on July 17, 2022, 5pm GMT.

All person photos taken by Kala Kambon, Product photos taken from www.ASWorld.Tech, Flyer taken from

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